Yorkshire Wedding Harpist

Civil Ceremony

I perform from the arrival of the first guests; for the entrance and exit of the bride, and the signing of the register. I arrive one and a half hours before the start time to get set and ready in a beautiful long gown. The fee includes unlimited consultation about your music during the run up to the event, and can include a piece learnt especially for you.

Between £250 & £395*


Church Ceremony

Guests often arrive up to half an hour before the service and playing for a lengthy prelude is included in your quote. In addition to all the above, I can perform a religious or secular vocal solo and lead the congregation in a hymn.

Between £275 & £425*


Wedding breakfast

Particularly when I play a full wedding, it’s often nice to include some songs in this part. I use a wireless system with a virtually invisible head worn mic made by DPA. It’s industry standard, as worn by singers on X factor. It sounds fantastic. I tend to do four mini sets, following a set of songs with a set of solo pieces, as I feel this optimises the experience and enjoyment of the meal for the guests.

Between £250 & £395*


Drinks Reception

I perform in a variety of genres of music and can favour your favourite styles. I also tend to suss out the guests and include what goes down well. I have very good quality and compact sound equipment in a single speaker by AER. I can set up quickly to use it outside on the battery mode to play (protected from wind and direct please!)

Between £250 & £395*


Large Combination Discounts

Wedding Ceremony and Drinks Reception

Between £340 & £475*

Wedding Ceremony, Drinks Reception & Wedding Breakfast

Between £365 & £535*

Other Packages also available for music during your wedding, Just ask


Parties and Christenings, Clubs and Societies

The budget's often tighter for these events and my price reflects that: I don't charge hourly either like some harpists, since I rarely do more than one performance a day, there seems little point, so hiring me for an evening's quite cost effective

Around £200+


Corporate Events & Launches

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I'm scrupulous about researching the practical and stylistic requirements of each engagement and can usually please even the most particular client. I can coordinate with your colours and themes, becoming the ultimate accessory! (What can beat a fabulous harp and harpist?)

I supply very compact amplification which can provide parties of up to five hundred with harp music at background level. I've greatly enjoyed performing for numerous Corporate events including at The ICC and Birmingham Botanical Gardens. My harp pickup and vocal microphone also work well used with the speakers on large stages (bypassing monitor speakers since the high sensitivity of the microphones preclude this).I supported the Opera Babes at the ICC with a harp/vocal set during dinner using the house PA.

From Around £300


Concerts, Festivals & Public Events

I've performed for many concerts in theatres, street events, in shopping centres, museums, for The National Trust, at National and International Festivals etc. My fee takes into account whether or not the promoter is in receipt of any funding sources, as well as adjustments for travel and overnight stays

From Around £300 - £600


Song Commissions

A commissioned song is a very special way to mark your event. Ruby Paul songs have enjoyed significant commercial and competition success. My fees would include performing the song at the event you book me for, and can include a recording.

Around £200


* All pricing shown is for 2012 dates. Travel surcharges are generally charged for distances greater than 50 miles each way from York.