Yorkshire Wedding Harpist

Herb gardens rock!

A beautiful visitor drops in on my newly planted Lavender hedge.

Continuing my journey through 2016 (Part 3)

At a gorgeous Country Castle in Nottinghamshire one Saturday, I was unable to get anything to eat and after a long day, retreated to my car adjacent to the helicopter pad to eat what I had in the car. I was feeling hungry and a bit fed up but emerged more cheerful after eating something. It was the most wonderful cold clear night and I was delighted to stretch my legs beneath a magical starry sky. It felt like the stars had come out just for me!
To show my appreciation I sung back to them (in my head, exactly like the Judy Garland soundtrack) the whole song of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.
The following day, at the end of a Sunday country walk with my daughter we turned the corner for home- to see a massive double rainbow:

A Harpist’s Year- Part 2

The unexpected can be the most fun. Like at an Asian wedding near Halifax. After playing for the dinner, I was invited to take my meal in the kitchen with all the catering staff (11 men and me, an interesting round table!) I had the opportunity to quiz the head chef about some of his delicious dishes- the chickpea/ fennel seed & greek yogurt concoction being my favourite. It was so yummy. I havn’t quite managed to replicate it yet, but I am still trying!


A Harpist’s Year- Part One

The intimate delights of a Medieval Hall to the grandeur of a Victorian Castle: in 2016 I got to experience it all- with the added joy of getting to play my lovely harp ring out amidst the beauty and grandeur. From a bustling Hindu wedding led by the Maharishi in North of Newcastle, to the English greenery of the sunny terrace at Stock Brook Country Club in Billericay, Essex, I have certainly covered a few miles this year. However for someone who likes to travel and see a little of the world, this is most certainly a plus.

Goldilocks and The Three Harps

Winter Evenings are a great time to fine-tune repertoire.